Welcome to Lemler Group

We specialize in providing on-time and accurate services with the personal attention you deserve. With the ever-changing affordable housing and non-profit standards, our expertise is essential to helping you navigate the complex maze of regulations. Let us serve as your trusted advisor to give you financial peace of mind.

Auditing Services

At Lemler Group, we focus on specific industries. As Zig Ziglar states, “Don’t become a wandering generality. Be a meaningful specific.” Our clients benefit by us staying on top of the latest trends and developments. We would love to serve your organization.

Affordable Housing

We know an accurate and timely audit engagement can provide your organization with priceless insight, helping you improve your organization’s strategy, management decisions, and internal controls.

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We understand the need for serving an organization’s mission and values while balancing the fiscal responsibilities of running non-profit organizations.

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We’re always ready to serve.


We care deeply about you.


We’re dedicated to beating every deadline.

Our Services

We strive to meet each client’s specific needs in planning for the future and achieving their goals in the ever-changing financial and regulatory environment.

We provide compiled, reviewed, and audited financial statements that are credible, dependable and timely.
We examine specific subject matter often referred to as Agreed Upon Procedures (AUPs).
Using our expertise, knowledge, and experience, we offer suggestions on making your organization better.

Our Team

David W. Lemler, CPA, CGMA

David W. Lemler, CPA, CGMA

Director of Masterful Audits

David likes to take complex accounting and tax knowledge and make them simple and understandable.  He emphasizes the importance of keeping stress out of the audit process, so clients can have an enjoyable audit experience!
Derek M. James, CPA, CGMA

Derek M. James, CPA, CGMA

Senior Auditor

Derek enjoys working side by side with clients on a level playing field and taking intimidation out of the picture. He is enthusiastic about answering client’s questions and seeing them grow every year from a positive relationship.
Kristie A. Richey, CPA

Kristie A. Richey, CPA

Tax Specialist

Kristie enjoys working with clients and getting to know them on a personal level. She provides outstanding service and loves the challenge of whatever adventure awaits in and outside of the office.
Suzanne M. Lemler

Suzanne M. Lemler

Director of the Client Experience

Suzanne’s drive is process efficiency and personal growth. She works on developing her own leadership as well as leading team members to lift their lid in effectiveness that enhances the client’s experience.

What Clients Say

Thank you for an easy transition. It was a pleasure doing business with you also. Our team was very complimentary of how great Lemler Group was to work with and wishes you were handling all our audits.

Management Agent for HUD properties

Thank you so much! I did get your card, which was very kind. You sure could teach the auditing world a thing or two about customer service. Keep doing what you do, sir!

Management Agent for HUD properties

Thank you for being our ‘friendly auditor’. Your Team makes what can be a very stressful situation much less so. Can’t wait to work with you again!

Management Agent for HUD properties

Thank you David. Your group (Lemler Group, LLC) is my personal favorite auditing firm to work with!

Management Agent for HUD and Tax Credit Properties