10 Trainings Plus One

David always says, “You learn best in the struggle.” One of Suzanne’s recent struggles came to light during her 11th John Maxwell Team training, when she realized her commitment to developing leaders among our team was lacking. But this humbling experience brought her powerful lessons and insight.

Frequently Asked Questions: Audit Exit Conferences

Exit conferences are strategic ways of keeping everyone on the same page as the audit moves into its final stages. They can be used to solidify timelines, tie up loose ends, and exchange contact information to help keep the process running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions: Proposal Meetings

It takes a lot of effort to request proposals, interview, and choose an auditor to keep your organization compliant. However, coming to proposal meetings underprepared can cause more hassle and extra work than spending a little more time up front to ensure everyone’s on the same page. We’ll walk you through some practical steps to help you make the most of proposal meetings with CPA firms.

Creating Communities

Not every day is full of sunshine and success — in fact, most days contain their own little crises. At one affordable housing property, David arrived on a particularly dark day. But the way our client’s staff members responded to their crisis left an inspirational impression on our whole team at Lemler Group.

Gift Card Guidance: Keep Track of Simple Gifts

Organizations that utilize gratitude can have a double impact on both their own employees as well as the people they serve. But when they don’t track purchased gifts carefully, these funds can slip through the cracks and encourage fraudulent purchases.