Choosing an Auditor – Factor 4: Ethics

Not every auditor is the same. Each accounting firm has its own values, culture, and reputation that you should consider in addition to their quote. One of the most important things to check is whether your auditor has violated any ethical standards during their time as an accountant.

Choosing an Auditor – Factor 3: Reputation

Your organization needs a trustworthy, reputable auditor to tell your financial story. Find out how good your CPA firm’s reputation is by checking the score on their most recent peer review report.

Choosing an Auditor – Factor 2: Staffing

Do you work with a different auditor every year? Signs of high turnover rates like this may be a red flag that a CPA firm isn’t as stable and reliable as it should be. Your auditor should work to build a relationship with you and your organization year after year.

Choosing an Auditor – Factor 1: Service

Hiring an auditor is a crucial decision for any organization. A CPA or auditing firm not only provides assurance services, but also tells your company’s financial story. Choosing the right one involves several factors and can be a time-consuming process, but the...

Choosing an Auditor – Introduction

Auditors are financial storytellers. Some organizations choose auditors by asking only a single question: “What’s the fee?” In this blog series, we tackle six crucial factors beyond the bottom line that will help you ask practical questions and get the most from your audit.