How To Learn From Companies You Admire

Professionals constantly aspire to imitate different leaders at both global and local levels, but hardly ever utilize the same creative inspiration to uplift their teams. By establishing mentoring relationships with companies in your industry, you can learn both explicit and implicit ways to make your organization better.

Seeking Mentor Businesses

David is known for connecting with others beyond the numbers, and that doesn’t just apply to our clients. As we visited another Indiana accounting firm, this relational impulse took on additional importance, as we learned from their ways of doing things and began implementing change at home.

Affordable Housing Audit RFP Template and Advice

Whether you’re getting ready to send your hundredth audit RFP or are creating your first one, it’s important to make sure it’s doing the work for you. A well-written, clean-cut RFP will tell you right away which auditing firm pays attention to details and is worth every penny of their fee.

Not-For-Profit Audit RFP Template and Advice

We know it’s tough trying to create an audit RFP from scratch, especially if you’ve never done it before. By focusing on your organization’s unique programs, challenges, and mission, the questions may come a little more easily. Use our audit template and checklist for an even simpler way to ask the right questions in the right way.

Save Money With New RD Financial Reporting Rules

During this time of transition in Rural Development’s guidelines, properties may have the chance to reduce their accounting fees or lower their stress by staying on the cutting edge of upcoming changes.