Written by David Lemler

I’ve dedicated my professional life to auditing. My greatest passion is working alongside clients and telling their financial stories as they change year by year. or presenting annual results in a financial statement format. Over the years, I’ve met clients who became fast friends and learned about many great organizations, programs, and people.

An Auditor’s Influence

There are many ways that auditors serve organizations. We help navigate and comply with complex regulations, improve internal processes, enhance credibility and validate financial results.

Over the years, I’ve watched many organizations choose auditors and it remains one of the most interesting processes I’ve seen. Everyone has a different approach — some ask only one question (“What’s the price?”), while others schedule several interviews trying to decide who best fits their needs.

We know that choosing an auditor isn’t a decision to take lightly. At Lemler Group, we want to make sure you know what you should be looking for when you choose a new auditor to partner with your organization. Our blog series on choosing an auditor will provide you with six key factors to consider when selecting an auditor so you can move forward in confidence: Service, Staffing, Reputation, Ethics, Location and Fees.

As an auditor, I’m here to serve. My team and I provide this information to help you choose the right auditor and firm to tell your organization’s story.