Assurance Services

The accounting world is always changing. New regulations, tax codes, professional standards, and industry guidelines interrupt our routines every year, which makes this field particularly difficult to master.

It also makes our team grateful for the many talented and dedicated bookkeepers, controllers, and accountants we work with on a regular basis. However, we also know that everyone makes mistakes from time to time, and as often as we encounter them, we learn from them.

An Unexpected Lesson

When LaTesha went out to work at a client recently, she had already helped one of their accountants make changes to their financial records without messing up the audit in progress. She hadn’t been working for long when she found out that one month’s records didn’t match to our auditing software. After looking through the account in question, LaTesha found that a check had been voided after the bank statement had been issued, changing the balance in the account.

The accountant responsible for this error is a CPA with auditing experience who produces consistently reliable work. LaTesha was surprised that someone with this amount of experience made such an elementary mistake, but continued to teach her the correct way to adjust entries once the month had ended.

There’s always more to learn in an ever-changing industry like accounting. Even those with great experience slip up from time to time. In those moments, showing support and offering guidance goes much farther than a slap on the wrist for messing up. And when you’re the one on the receiving end, you’ll realize how humbling it is to face your own mistakes head-on — especially when you think you’ve grown past them.