Assurance Services

LaTesha joined our team in the fall of 2017, knowing little about how audits worked but hungry to learn and lead.

Less than a year after starting with us, LaTesha was out on her own, running an audit for a client without immediate help. This increased responsibility highlights how she’d grown from memorizing mechanical procedures to fully grasping how her work affected other parts of the process.

As she worked that week, LaTesha discovered how robust her knowledge had become, compared to her first few jobs. At the same time, however, this knowledge made her more aware of just how much more she didn’t know; she was catching a glimpse of the layers of understanding that come with learning.

Multiplying Knowledge

LaTesha made a shift in her understanding gradually that culminated in a successful first solo run-through. Not only had she learned more through struggling, asking questions, and working hard, she also trained her attitude to enjoy the growth process, rather than fear it. All learning starts with facing the unknown: you decide whether to move forward and grow or stay put.

Gaining knowledge and growing in understanding has a reverse effect that LaTesha noticed for the first time during this audit. At least when it comes to accounting, getting better doesn’t always mean getting faster. As she learns what she should be looking for, the simplicity of blindly following instructions unfurls into having to know how to find and fix problems.

Growth is not a straightforward journey, but one that multiplies skills and responsibilities alike.

It’s certainly not the end of the journey for LaTesha, especially since she’s also just started studying to take the CPA exam, the first one scheduled about 8 months away. But she’s gained wisdom and accounting knowledge that helps us serve clients, and we’re proud to have her on our team.