Assurance Services

For four years now, one of our clients has gone above and beyond to make us feel welcome. Their positive attitudes, attention to our needs, and servant leadership inspires us from the moment we walk in the door.

And it all started with a welcome sign.

This year, David completed the audit by himself. When he arrived, he was greeted as if he were part of a family: with a hug. David shared conversations over the donuts he brought as a gift before he was pointed to the room they had reserved for him.

Though the rest of the day was pretty much business as usual, the friendly reception at 8:00 a.m. helped set the trajectory for a positive experience.

Starting the day off right

Every time we visit this client, their personnel go out of their way to help us. This makes a distinct impression on us, because, after all, people tend to expect audits to be stressful and nerve-wracking. When we walk into an environment that anticipates stress, it puts us more on edge and makes it more difficult for us to accomplish our mission: to reduce or eliminate stress from the audit process.

On the other hand, clients like this who show us we’re welcome take the initiative to make the experience positive. Of course, the atmosphere lightens as we express our gratitude, but beyond the gesture is an expectation of completing a project together as a team.

We’re grateful to all our clients, many of whom face tremendous challenges on a regular basis, regardless of whether they greet us with signs, stickers, and our favorite nickname (your “friendly auditors”). But when we see others going the extra mile, it makes us even happier to do the same for them.