A Team For All Seasons

We’ve all been in a room with someone who seems like our total opposite; their posture, manners, and values are so different from ours, it can be hard to get anything done. When we’re faced with situations like these, however, we adapt. As auditors, we’re learning to connect with people by leaning into our personality styles.

A Greenhorn On The Trail

Though it’s a rare opportunity, we love to bring our interns along on the audit trail to give them hands-on auditing experience. When our spring intern visited one of our not-for-profit clients, she learned about more than just financial statements, but also about how our job as auditors allows us to serve all kinds of people in a meaningful way.

Home (Train) Depot

Since moving to our current office, we’ve grown in more ways than just adding new team members. We’ve established pillars of our culture in book studies, weekly meetings, and regular service opportunities that have helped us scale our capacity to keep growing into the future.

Rectangle Rooms

The first office Lemler Group inhabited as a growing auditing firm fit the accountant stereotype to a T. Its walls were bare, its layout functional, and its decoration cost-effective. We grew a lot in this space, learning how to build a business and set the stage for future growth that would eventually lead us to a more inspirational office.

Working From Home

In 2008, David Lemler set out as an independent auditor with a simple mission in mind: to treat clients the way they deserved to be treated. As his business and vision has grown, so too have the people who came alongside him, facing professional and personal challenges along the way.

Compassionate Perspectives

Our team has been deeply impacted by Simon Sinek’s teaching on empathy and perspective. We deal with differences in perspective every day, and must learn to respond to them with empathy, not frustration. In this story, Kristie shares just one example of how she experienced this shift with a client.