A Warm Welcome

Our part-time staff member lucked out with her first visit to a client, and learned some valuable things during the day on the trail.

Taste of the Audit Trail

Long hours on the audit trail cause our team members to work up an appetite. And though our team is always hungry for accuracy, these are a few of our favorite places to sate our hunger for good food and a good time.


Our team has worked with many different people over the years, as teams change and our client list grows, which means we’ve had the opportunity to experience a wide range of personalities as we lead others through the audit process. But sometimes we misjudge others’ comfort zones and push personalities that need a little more help.

Closest to the Problem

It’s not always worth the advice to take your problem to the top, especially when the people who can best solve it are the ones who work on the issue day after day. The people who add the most value to a company are always the ones who work directly with the end customer, adding value to them adds value to the whole organization.

“Not My Responsibility!”

It’s the classic bureaucratic run-around: “That’s not my job. Go see someone else.” The same frustration that plagues anyone who walks into the BMV also exists in our companies when employees seek to do the bare minimum of their job description, rather than serve others well.

Experienced Errors

No matter how long you’ve been doing your job, or how well-qualified you are for your responsibilities, there’s always room for error. LaTesha discovered this on a recent trip to a client who has always been reliable, yet made an elementary mistake.