Layers of Learning

When you learn something new, you not only gain new understanding, but you also become aware of just how much you still don’t know. We think learning drives hunger for more learning, which is why we value teaching our people beyond the scope of their accounting profession.

Seeking Mentor Businesses

David is known for connecting with others beyond the numbers, and that doesn’t just apply to our clients. As we visited another Indiana accounting firm, this relational impulse took on additional importance, as we learned from their ways of doing things and began implementing change at home.

An Incremental Connection

When David and Latesha met some of our new clients, their first impressions were distant and nervous. But after only a few days together, cold, professional handshakes melted into warm embraces. Latesha shares her experience of making friends with near-strangers in this Tale from the Trail.

Uplifting Expectations

We say we love our clients and we truly mean it. But some stand out as people who exceed our expectations in amazing ways. Even though it’s our responsibility to create an enjoyable experience, one exceptional client helps us achieve that goal by giving us a welcoming start to our visit.

A Team For All Seasons

We’ve all been in a room with someone who seems like our total opposite; their posture, manners, and values are so different from ours, it can be hard to get anything done. When we’re faced with situations like these, however, we adapt. As auditors, we’re learning to connect with people by leaning into our personality styles.

A Greenhorn On The Trail

Though it’s a rare opportunity, we love to bring our interns along on the audit trail to give them hands-on auditing experience. When our spring intern visited one of our not-for-profit clients, she learned about more than just financial statements, but also about how our job as auditors allows us to serve all kinds of people in a meaningful way.