How To Interview A Company’s Culture

When you interview for a new position, it’s as much your chance to get a feel for the company and culture as it is for the company to get to know you. Make the most of this process by asking questions consistently and carefully observing small hints of what it may be like to work there.

7 Keys to Running Effective Board Meetings

Love them or dread them, meetings are a ubiquitous part of the modern business world. Learning to harness these moments as forces for positive change begin with knowing how to value both the leaders and participants of every meeting.

Hard Conversations: Criticism

It all starts with a question: “What can I be doing better?” Though nerve-wracking in the moment, inviting others to speak into your life can help you earn trust with others and valuable insight toward growth. This fictional conversation demonstrates how one leader’s vulnerability creates a learning opportunity for everyone involved.

Hard Conversations: Belonging

When you’re committed to helping others grow, chances are you’ll challenge them to step outside their comfort zones at some time or another. In this fictional story, we explore how to help a growing employee see the value of one such challenge as he struggles to learn from a particularly overwhelming experience.

Home (Train) Depot

Since moving to our current office, we’ve grown in more ways than just adding new team members. We’ve established pillars of our culture in book studies, weekly meetings, and regular service opportunities that have helped us scale our capacity to keep growing into the future.

Rectangle Rooms

The first office Lemler Group inhabited as a growing auditing firm fit the accountant stereotype to a T. Its walls were bare, its layout functional, and its decoration cost-effective. We grew a lot in this space, learning how to build a business and set the stage for future growth that would eventually lead us to a more inspirational office.