Financial Statement Services

We offer services including audits, reviews, and compilations as well as financial statement preparation. Though any accounting firm can provide these basic services, few can offer personal attention and genuine care like Lemler Group can. We want to tell your organization’s financial story as we keep you compliant.

Non-assurance Services

Assurance Services

Financial Statement Preparation

If your organization has already engaged another accountant for an audit or review, you may still need someone to prepare your financial statements. This service does not provide assurance of the content in your financial statements; instead, we simply package your information in the required format.

Assurance Services


This procedure is similar to financial statement preparation but also includes a report before the financial statements. This report discloses whether the accounting firm that compiled the statements is independent or not and that this service provides no assurance of the content in your financial statements.

Assurance Services

Assurance Services


The purpose of a review is to obtain limited assurance that your financial statements do not need any material modifications to be compliant with the applicable financial reporting guidelines. We perform limited testing and reasonable inquiry to make sure your financial statements meet professional standards.

Assurance Services


By performing an audit, we can obtain reasonable assurance that your financial statements are free of material errors. In this service, we seek to understand your organization and how it functions relative to your industry, as well as test the content of your financial statements.

We also provide additional auditing services to cover compliance with standards like A-133 (Uniformed Guidance) and Governmental Auditing Standards.

Companies We Serve

  • Associations
  • Churches
  • Cooperatives
  • Educational Programs
  • Foundations
  • Head Start Programs
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Housing and Urban Development Properties (HUD)
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit Properties (LIHTC)
  • Not-For-Profit Organizations (NFP)
  • Rural Development Properties (RD)
  • Safe haven/safe place programs

Peer Review

Lemler Group is enrolled in the INCPAS/AICPA Peer Review program which requires a peer review every 3 years for CPA firms preparing financial statements. We received a “Pass” report in 2017 by the INCPAS/AICPA Peer Review acceptance body, which is the highest level given.

We'll be your friendly auditors.