Our team has worked with many different people over the years, as teams change and our client list grows, which means we’ve had the opportunity to experience a wide range of personalities as we lead others through the audit process. But sometimes we misjudge others’ comfort zones and push personalities that need a little more help.

2018 Rural Development Financial Reporting Requirements

Recent changes and adoptions of Rural Development’s financial reporting requirements for fiscal year 2018 have led to confusion about how to submit financial statements to RD’s offices. After talking with officials in Washington, DC, Lemler Group is here to clarify what you need.

Why Does It Take so Long to Do an Audit?

Even when done properly and quickly, audits drain time away from your team and often cause a lot of stress among those working on it. The question on everyone’s mind is “How can we get this done faster?” The answer: by mastering communication skills and being timely with every step of the process.

What Happens During Final Audit Testing?

The final phase of an audit is what guarantees the assurance sought by the entire process: it’s when the auditors involved actually test the year-end amounts and balances. It’s also a period of intense communication, and requires cooperation and open communication from everyone involved.

How to Respond to an Auditor’s Final Request List

Balancing your daily responsibilities and answering an auditor’s request list can be competing interests, but gathering those documents as early as possible will save you and your organization time and hassle during the audit.