Not-For-Profit Process and Internal Control Tips

Each NFP has the ability to choose what kind, where, and how they want to place controls in their process. No matter the selection, it is good practice to have a combination of preventative and detective controls.

In-Kind Contributions

Gifts or donations given to your organization are synonymously referred to as contributions or in-kind contributions. In this blog we will offer procedures that will help you set your financials up well and strengthen your relationships with donors and the community you serve.

HUD Surplus Cash – For-Profit

For-profit HUD projects are given the opportunity two times a year to distribute surplus cash to the owners involved in the property. These biannual distributions always depend on calculating the property’s surplus cash and must be in correspondence to the guidelines established in the HUD regulatory agreement.

When is it Safe to Shred My Property’s Financial Documents?

If you’re like many affordable housing property owners or managers, you’re likely swimming in paperwork and files, desperate for decluttering. While there are many documents you can dispose of, there are many that are critical to your property’s compliance and legal obligations.