Choosing an Auditor – Factor 2: Staffing

Do you work with a different auditor every year? Signs of high turnover rates like this may be a red flag that a CPA firm isn’t as stable and reliable as it should be. Your auditor should work to build a relationship with you and your organization year after year.

Choosing an Auditor – Factor 1: Service

Does your auditor serve you well? We think the most important quality a CPA firm should portray is commitment to quality service. The best service providers will prioritize your organization’s goals and work with you on a relational level to accomplish them.

Choosing an Auditor – Introduction

Auditors are financial storytellers. Some organizations choose auditors by asking only a single question: “What’s the fee?” In this blog series, we tackle six crucial factors beyond the bottom line that will help you ask practical questions and get the most from your audit.