Asking Questions: How to Build Meaningful Connections

For our team, 11:00am means lunchtime! Whether watching the clock or taking the cue from the microwave’s hum, by 11:05 there are footsteps buzzing around the kitchen. Why do we all grab lunch around the same time you may ask? Part of that answer is simply because we...

In-Kind Contributions

Gifts or donations given to your organization are synonymously referred to as contributions or in-kind contributions. In-kind contributions are goods or services other than money that are donated to your organization. This could include items such as furniture,...

Why New Non-Profit Housing Entities Should Make the 168(h) Election

The key to making the 168(h) election is to be aware that you can only file it with the GP’s and the not-for-profit’s first tax returns. As long as you set up the partnership the right way and file a written election statement with the IRS, the election will last for the life of the partnership.

Do I Need an Audit After Changing My Year End Date?

For affordable housing properties and not-for-profit organizations, changing the year end date can be part of a strategic plan to better serve those the organization supports. However, this transition can be confusing, and it helps to have the most up-to-date financial statements to help guide decisions.

Financial Hurdles To Moving Your Non-Profit Office

Moving to a new office location always brings a mix of excitement and stress. Avoid prolonging the stress of the move by being thorough and considering the financial caveats of relocating your not-for-profit.