Church Internal Controls

Having consistent internal controls set in place is a fundamental practice in stewarding church funds for the mission. Internal controls also provide protection to the employees. Although employees might push back against unsupported accusations of fraud that could arise, small consistent policies and procedures can help protect employees and the church.

Change Management: How To Optimize Your Business…And Your Life!

In comparison to any other time in history, our world is changing at an explosive rate. Some changes come banging on our front door without any warning. While other changes stem from desires that we may be uncertain on how to bring to fruition. Needless to say, the problem in this day in age is not options or opportunity!

Not-For-Profit Process and Internal Control Tips

Each NFP has the ability to choose what kind, where, and how they want to place controls in their process. No matter the selection, it is good practice to have a combination of preventative and detective controls.

It’s a Matter of Perspective

Every person within a team has a valuable perspective. Part of our perspectives are formulated by the roles and responsibilities that we have. While another big aspect is shaped by personal experiences, behaviors, realizations, and aspirations.

Asking Questions: How to Build Meaningful Connections

No matter the depth of a question, it will hold significance. This is because with every question comes an acknowledgment of somebody else. When you take time to notice somebody else and express an interest in them, you have taken a step towards connection.