When Non-Profits Should Outsource Their Bookkeeping

Not-for-profit organizations are mission-focused and often employ scrappy teams who work in multiple roles with the passion of the cause. However, if your organization grows, it may be worth more to your team to focus on your strength zones and not on keeping your own accounting records.

What Tax Returns do Indiana Non-Profits Need to File?

Although Indiana’s not-for-profit organizations play a huge role in making our state a valuable place to live and do business, their tax reporting requirements can be a major hassle to completing their respective missions. We tried to make it easier in this reference guide for 2019.

How to Select a Non-Profit Board of Directors

Board members of a not-for-profit hold a significant amount of sway over the direction of the organization. Though they can be a force for good, they can also cause discord and disrupt the organization’s mission, so make sure you have the right team players to ensure success and unity.

Not-For-Profit 2018 Financial Reporting Changes

Not-for-profit organizations around the country have been anticipating financial reporting changes since they were first announced in 2016. With the year ended December 31, 2018, they will be required for all non-profits across the country. Find out what’s changing in your financial statements this year.

How to Read Non-Profit Financial Statements

With the stuffy language and seemingly redundant information, non-profit financial statements can seem like an irrelevant formality. However, if you know what you’re reading, you may soon realize just how powerful this financial tool can be to raising funds and increasing donor confidence.