2018 Rural Development Financial Reporting Requirements

Recent changes and adoptions of Rural Development’s financial reporting requirements for fiscal year 2018 have led to confusion about how to submit financial statements to RD’s offices. After talking with officials in Washington, DC, Lemler Group is here to clarify what you need.

How to Respond to an Auditor’s Final Request List

Balancing your daily responsibilities and answering an auditor’s request list can be competing interests, but gathering those documents as early as possible will save you and your organization time and hassle during the audit.

Overview of Rural Development Handbook Changes

The USDA changed how Rural Development regulates properties’ financial statements in 2018, but not every change in their handbook affects properties on a daily basis. The most dramatic changes affect AUPs, prescribed forms for non-audited properties, and the basis for requiring audits on for-profit properties.

Affordable Housing Audit RFP Template and Advice

Whether you’re getting ready to send your hundredth audit RFP or are creating your first one, it’s important to make sure it’s doing the work for you. A well-written, clean-cut RFP will tell you right away which auditing firm pays attention to details and is worth every penny of their fee.