Affordable Housing Audit RFP Template and Advice

Whether you’re getting ready to send your hundredth audit RFP or are creating your first one, it’s important to make sure it’s doing the work for you. A well-written, clean-cut RFP will tell you right away which auditing firm pays attention to details and is worth every penny of their fee.

Save Money With New RD Financial Reporting Rules

Since Rural Development updated its financial reporting guidelines, properties may be able to reduce their accounting fees or lower their stress by staying on the cutting edge of upcoming changes.

Preparing for an Affordable Housing Preliminary Audit

When it’s almost time to start preliminary work on your property’s audit, it pays to be prepared. Gathering the required documents before your auditor asks for them can save your organization time and hassle during crunch time at the end of the year.

What It Means To Switch CPA Firms

Though there are many misconceptions about changing CPA firms for your financial services, the bottom line is that if you’re choosing a more valuable firm, the process should be smooth and simple.

Cost vs. Value of a CPA Firm

When your organization is required to have a CPA firm prepare financial statements, you may think your best value is the firm with the lowest fee. That’s not always the case. It’s not just about how much the service costs; it’s about how well you’re served for any cost.